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Virtalis Leadership Network - Share, Connect & Learn with Virtalis Customers and Partners

Join the kick-off on December 8 (for Customers) or December 15 (for Partners) and meet a global group of likeminded experts.

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Join our Leadership Network!

Are you interested in meeting and learning with Virtalis peers? Have you ever wondered how other companies are running VR projects? Would you benefit from connecting with like-minded experts?

Learn from others, connect with likeminded experts, and accelerate your projects. Successful individual and enterprise VR journeys benefit from instant access to knowledge and a strong network. To help facilitate this, Virtalis launched the Leadership Network for customers, partners and experts.

Sign up using the form and we will share a detailed invite and agenda for the upcoming session.

Customers meet customers, partners connect with other partners  

The Virtalis Leadership Network starts with a dedicated customer network and partner network. This separation ensures the most relevant agenda and outcomes for each audience. On December 8, customers will meet for the first time, and a week later partners will get together. There will be specific events where partners and customers do come together and connect on a broader level.  

Meet and learn from peers and build a trusted network

Virtalis Customers will share and discuss how Virtalis products are used, the use cases and what business problems are being addressed. Information will be shared in a closed group. Other areas of interest are organisational topics, ROI’s, tips and tricks, etc. Customers can suggest agenda items and drive the discussions. In the kick-off meeting we will discuss the governance of the customer network.  

Virtalis Partners will share and discuss how Virtalis products find their way to end customers and learn about successful projects from other partners around the world.

The Virtalis organisation will support both networks by providing relevant expertise. Expertise can be product related, such as features, a roadmap or product strategy. For partners, information about available marketing materials will also be provided. Participants in both networks will have a unique opportunity to engage with Virtalis experts.

Working Groups – Knowledge creation with experts around the world  

Working Groups are important instruments for knowledge creation and we’ve formed the initial 6 groups. As a working group member, you will team up with other experts to find answers or guidance on a specific subject. This work will be shared back to the network. Working group experts will be listed as such on the VLN website with your contributions and expertise. Joining a working group is a great networking exercise. 

Customer and Partners can request to open a new working group or host a working group themselves.  

Let us know which Working Groups are most interesting to you.  

Dive Deep in Virtalis products -> Join a Product Working Group

  • Virtalis Reach Best Practice Working Group - Connect & share knowledge, learnings, understand new functionalities, etc.
  • Virtalis Visionary Render Working Group – Connect & share knowledge, learnings, understand new functionalities, etc.  
  • PLM Working Group - Share knowledge on primary platforms, integrations, project guidance and learn how to maximise value. 

Stay on top of trends -> Join a Thought Leadership Working Group

  • Collaborative XR Working Group – Explore the value of XR collaboration for complex product environments & concurrent engineering.
  • XR State of Technology Working Group – A close eye on the tech players, landscape, trends and developments
  • XR Enterprise Adoption Working Group - Develop guidance, best practices, toolkits to accelerate the adoption of XR throughout the organisation.   

Why join the Virtalis VLN? ‍

Developing a VR/XR strategy and driving innovations based on extended reality has never been so challenging. Enterprises and the ecosystems they are in are evolving rapidly. At the same time, XR and VR are accelerating at an incredible pace and providing new possibilities constantly. 

To help you navigate what is happening in the AR/VR/XR world, you are invited to join this knowledge and learning network and connect with experts from our global customer base. This network will help you advance your career and network and, of course, accelerate the projects you are currently working on. 

What can you expect from participating in the Virtalis Enterprise Leadership Network? 

  • Network with global leaders and XR experts 
  • Learn, share, network and have fun
  • Celebrate XR-project successes 
  • Access, build and drive transformational XR guidance for enterprises 
  • Present your ideas and solutions to a global audience 
  • Connect with other experts on key working group topics 
  • Learn the latest about Virtalis and its products 
  • Invest in your knowledge, network, career and visibility