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There are, of course, a wide variety of workstation options available, but they are generally categorised into three areas: portable, desktop or cluster.

Virtalis has gained a high level of experience with a wide variety of workstations over the years, including Sun, Dell, HP, SGI etc. We look for a number of points when specifying a workstation for demanding visualisation tasks, such as speed, capacity, flexibility, robustness, efficiency, worldwide technical support, ease of service and maintenance.

Often, we recommend Dell Precision workstation owing to the great value afforded by the build quality, international customer support and flexibility.

Our PCs come pre-fitted with a high-end NVIDIA graphics card, which deliver the performance necessary to drive most models. These graphics cards are heavily tested and well proven for VR use and provide world-leading performance. The card and PC always comes configured for stereo output (although mono is also supported).

Note: The latest NVIDIA driver comes with a dedicated 3D VR Virtalis applications mode for optimised performance.

A Virtalis CLUSTER solution consists of one master node and a number of slave nodes. These rack mounted workstations come configured with high clock speeds, large HDs, memory and high-end graphics. They are also configured for stereo output (although mono is also supported). Additionally our clusters have VNC support.

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