Haptic Cow & Haptic Horse Veterinary Training Simulators

Prof. Sarah Baillie BVSc PhD PFHEA MRCVS
Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Education
Bristol Veterinary School, University of Bristol, UK

A 1-hour webinar about the innovative haptic simulators developed by Dr. Baillie, a veterinarian with a PhD in computer science and Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Education.

The Haptic Cow is designed to train veterinary students to palpate a cow's reproductive tract, to perform fertility examinations and to diagnose pregnancy. The Haptic Horse is designed to teach equine colic examination and diagnosis. The simulators use innovative haptic technology that allows students to feel virtual anatomy and a range of clinical cases while the teacher can watch the student’s hand movements and provide instruction and feedback.

Webinar key topics

In the webinar Dr. Baillie will describe:

  • The features of each of the simulators
  • The applications of the simulators in veterinary training
  • The research evidence supporting the simulators
  • The benefits of veterinary training (for students, teachers, animals, and the university).

There will be time for questions and discussions at the end of the presentation.

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Thursday, NOV 19, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM GMT, 17:00 pm MYT

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