rail digger_smallDigital Twins within Asset Management are a complete game changer for how companies will manage their asset portfolio now and in the future.

Site surveys, checking sighting distances, risk assessments, designing maintenance schedules, planning renewals, planning for the construction of new assets – all these are ideal tasks for Digital Twinning. Clients who have used VR in this way have found that they can significantly reduce site visits.

A Digital Twin is developed from a combination of data records (from asset register and IoT sensors) and 3D models. Once the model is complete, different types of users can use the model for many different purposes.

Once the data is linked, everything that you want to do with the real infrastructure can be done within the Digital Twin, from the comfort the office with the additional benefit that the user has no mass and the laws of physics don’t apply! Want to see underground or through an asset? Not a problem! Want to fly above the infrastructure, as if you are in a helicopter? Easy! Moreover, the Digital Twin can be explored and interrogated by using any of the Virtalis ActiveWorks VR systems: from the HTC VIVE-based CVR, all the way up to a multi-sided ActiveCube.


Key Benefits of
VR for Asset Management

  • Improves communication & decision making
  • Enhances learning and allows rehearsal of maintenance tasks
  • Improves worksite safety
  • Fosters remote surveys
  • Highlights construction clashes between assets and installation equipment
  • Improves data quality


A rail digital twin was developed using Virtalis Visionary Render by partners at EAMS Group demonstrating the link to IBM Maximo. This video demonstrates linking data from the enterprise asset register to the Virtual Digital Twin.

Being able to explore a virtual digital twin not only improves communication & decision making but it enhances learning & allows rehearsal of maintenance tasks in a risk free environment. The digital twin can be explored and interrogated by using any of the Virtalis ActiveWorks VR systems.

“The ability to create a “Digital Twin” and harness that to VR and AR capability, so that it becomes an intelligent resource to foster superior decision making is something that many blue chips are now exploring. With the virtual model continually updated to mirror its real-world sibling, improvements in collaboration and deeper understanding of the information represented, improvements in productivity of up to 80% are possible.”


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