Virtalis’ new ActiveWorks Virtual Reality (VR) shutter glasses offer several advances over their predecessors.

Virtalis technical director, Andrew Connell, used his years of experience to create a feature list for the new glasses, which are for non-tracked spectators of the virtual 3D scene. He explained: “These glasses are not fully enclosed, so you can switch between the virtual and real world. They are also super lightweight and the arms fold away so they are really small – perfect for tucking into a top pocket. After feedback from our customers, we realised we needed to create glasses that also sit easily in front of existing spectacles, so these do that too.”

The new Virtalis ActiveWorks 1600 Glasses are available in two variants, infra-red or RF, so they cater for different types of VR systems. Virtalis typically supplies its glasses with its ActiveWall, ActiveMove and ActiveCube display installations. The new Virtalis glasses are lower in price than their predecessors, enabling groups of people and even whole lecture theatre audiences to experience the sensation of being immersed in a virtual world.