PTC® Live Global in Boston was the venue for the first public display of Virtalis’ Virtual Reality (VR) Extension for PTC Creo ViewTM.

PTC Live Global is the premier networking and training event for product development professionals using PTC solutions.

Paul Ewing, Virtalis’ Vice President North American Operations, explained: “The introduction of our VR Extension for PTC Creo View was an exciting event for us and was well received at PTC Live.

This Virtalis/PTC co-developed integrated add-on brings immersive VR functionality to all 3D PTC Creo View data models. Both the VR extension and our high-end Visionary Render software are being offered to PTC users worldwide as part of our worldwide referral agreement with PTC.

We demonstrated the push button VR Extension for PTC Creo View so PTC Live attendees had a chance to see how quickly the Creo View data found its way into our 3D stereoscopic immersive Visionary Render VR session for real-time interactive design reviews.”

Virtalis’ new VR Extension for PTC Creo View means immersive VR is now integrated into PTC’s product lifecycle management process.

Virtalis’ industry expert, Andrew Connell, and Dr. Michael Rygol, VP, PLM Solutions, PTC, presented a joint message at PTC Live explaining the integrated solutions between Virtalis’ VR Extension for PTC Creo View and the new Virtalis VR software, Visionary Render during the Show.

Delegates experienced the power of moving directly from PTC Creo® into the desktop visualization solution of PTC Creo View and its direct VR extension into a Virtalis’ high-end immersive VR experience with Visionary Render.

Watch the Visionary Render video