Our success in bringing 3D to the shipbuilding sector following our creation of specialist adaptors for AVEVA’s Tribon and SENER’s FORAN got us thinking…

Other sectors could experience the power of true VR and our experience with vast data sets made us perfectly placed to provide a route for them to experience their data in 3D.  So we broadened our suite of adaptors, drivers and VR enablers this year and called it Virtalis Exchange.

Virtalis Exchange maximises the flow of CAD data throughout your organisation and that of your supply chain like never before. Typically, an entire CAD model can be ready to view immersively in under 30 minutes. This means new models can by shared with design teams internationally ready for a stereo 3D, tracked, multi-user meeting just minutes after major changes have been implemented in the CAD model.

Ultimate Flexibility

To give ultimate flexibility to the user, Virtalis Exchange adapters are available in two parts, the Object Adapter and the Metadata module. The object adapter provides the geometry, whilst the metadata module gives access to the additional data contained within the files.

Virtalis Exchange accepts data from:

•    3DS Max    •    Foran    •    Tribon   •    PDMS    •    JT    •    3DXM   •    Collada


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