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Embrace the power of connected immersive visualisation, now

With nearly three decades of experience and industry knowledge, we know what it takes to deliver exceptional visualisation solutions to the manufacturing and engineering sectors, fast. With our visualisation solutions, your teams could be using visualisation to bring your most challenging projects to life in less than a month.

Transformation through visualisation within 30 days

Imagine how powerful it would be for your teams to connect and collaborate in an immersive visual environment. How much faster they could bring their combined ideas to life; how much better the end results through using a common visual language.

Collaborative design review

Manufacturing planning

Immersive training

Collaborative Design Review has been created to help your teams work together more effectively using an accurate, shared 3D simulation, wherever they are.

  • Simplify complexity through the common language of visualisation.
  • Enable multiple team members to experience 3D models at scale, just as if they were fully built.
  • Make changes in real-time – take better and faster decisions to reduce design cycles.
  • Maximise the expertise within your teams – reduce silo working and the number of iterations.
  • Reduce risk and maximise the potential within every design project.

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Put your stakeholders inside the manufacturing environment to experience factory floor and production line layouts and designs in immersive visualisation.

  • Create a virtual version of your real-life production plant or an environment which may not yet even be built.
  • Effectively communicate spatial and workflow concepts to take better and faster decisions.
  • Ensure plans which work in theory also work in practice without impacting your production environment.
  • Design, analyse and optimise complex manufacturing systems before they are built.
  • True-to-life simulation allows you to maximise efficiency.

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Experiential training using visualisation simulates the real world, live operations and active machinery to enable your teams to achieve peak performance in a safe environment.

  • Improve safety and compliance with measurable training integrated with learning management systems.
  • Train your teams before they enter the live environment.
  • Reduce risk through training in ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  • Allow people to explore and expand their capabilities in a safe environment.
  • Reduce incidents, injuries and operational delays which arise from training issues.

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Tailored solutions to meet your needs

Our solutions provide you with everything you need to start harnessing the power of visualisation without delay. They bring together the right combination of software and hardware tools, overlaid by our exceptional training and client-centred consultancy, to ensure the solution meets your specific needs and is fully bedded-in, quickly and seamlessly.

How it works

While each solution can be implemented with relative speed, we remain committed to our tailored approach. Working closely with you and your stakeholders from the outset, we will ensure your visualisation solution is fully aligned with your organisation’s specific needs. Each solution comprises our complete end-to-end service with expert services, software, hardware and training.

Expert services

We work closely with you to understand and meet your organisation’s specific needs so that you realise the full benefit of your visualisation solution.


We assess your organisation’s software requirements to support your specific use of visualisation, ensuring cost-effective use of digital tools.


We will provide the right combination of large-format visualisation systems, head-mounted displays and workstations to suit the needs of your users.


Our training packages are tailored to your specific solution and focus on best practices for each particular use case. As well as initial training to help you integrate the use of visualisation technology we can provide ongoing training to develop the capability of your teams.

Why choose us?

We are one of the most experienced visualisation specialists world-wide, having delivered Visualisation solutions for leading manufacturers such as Leyland Trucks, Vestas and Rolls- Royce.

Our approach is proven. Take a look at our case study for Raytheon where our packaged solutions have helped the company complete a major product design process eight months ahead of schedule and 40% under budget.

A visionary approach to Defence with Raytheon