ActiveView – Multiple Picture-in-Picture Views


ActiveView Overview

ActiveView Components and Display View_extract_medACTIVEVIEW simplifies the operation of rendering additional analogue and digital computer sources concurrently within advanced visualisation systems.

Virtalis developed this innovative solution following customer requests for multiple Picture-in-Picture (PiP) views, as well as the ability to review several inputs upon one of our ActiveWall or ActiveMove display systems simultaneously.


Renders additional analogue and digital computer sources concurrently

Single visual output generates eight PiP windows

Negates the need for separate hardware

Supports compositing

Cost effective

“When my laptop data is 3D enabled, I can display it as a stereo image via ActiveView and thus have the capability to display two simultaneous Virtual Reality models. Additionally, I can pan and zoom within each ActiveView window and it works on both our flat screen and our curved screen ActiveWalls. I can integrate a whole range of external sources, including video conferencing, without disrupting the visualisation environment or installing additional software. We’ve discovered ActiveView’s competitors are either very expensive or restrictive, because they force you to place the additional window in fixed locations.”

Professor Wander, Head of Scientific Computing, STFC.

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