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activespaceACTIVESPACE combines best in class technology and is part of the Virtalis ActiveWorks family of 3D immersive visualisation solutions. It is a Head Mounted Display (HMD) interactive 3D visualisation system that provides the ultimate immersive experience for an affordable price. ActiveSpace is more than an HMD, it’s an HMD-based system that can draw on different HMDs at its heart.  For integrated consumer HMD solutions, visit our ActiveDesk page

ActiveSpace can be fused with an ActiveWall projection system to allow remote, collaborative design reviews. The principal advantage of ActiveSpace is that its users have the freedom and flexibility to move around in their virtual environment, totally unencumbered. Many visualisation experts believe that the new generation of wide field of view HMD’s combined with tracking give the greatest sense of immersion available today.

ActiveSpace deploys Virtalis’ integrated head and hand tracking solution. This means that the perspective of the visuals alters according to the user’s position and orientation within the scene. The hand held controller allows the immersive experience to be enhanced further. The user can navigate through the virtual world, pick and manipulate component parts in real time and make decisions on the fly.

Space Saver?

Many people who would like to bring the power of 3D into their organisations simply do not have the space available to set aside a large room as a dedicated VR space. ActiveSpace is the perfect solution for the space constrained, enabling them to benefit from all the power of fully tracked Virtual Reality in a tiny area. Even a small corner of a room would be big enough for users to see and feel the benefits of the ActiveSpace.

ActiveSpace comprises a wide screen HMD, a PC, head and hand tracking, installation and support. The ActiveSpace is an ideal solution for external marketing events, because it is exceptionally quick to setup. Unlike projection systems, which require low light levels, the ActiveSpace operates, totally uncompromised, under bright lighting conditions.

“Our ActiveSpace is proving invaluable for cab visibility tests, while we are using our Cyberglove for reachability studies.  All three pieces of kit work together reliably and in many combinations.  The integration is seamless and the whole system was reasonably priced.”

Kezhun Li, Head of DP&S, Case New Holland

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