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Essentially, the larger the screen an installation can take the better. As the screen increases in size, the sense of immersion increases and the effectiveness improves. Virtalis is exceptionally well placed, to give advice on configuration and system layout for any specific room.

A wide range of materials for the screen surface are offered, both solid and flexible, and each is custom made to the size required. The most cost effective are those made from a flexible material. These are securely mounted in a high quality non-ferrous frame and mounted on a wall for front projection, just like hanging a picture. For the rear-pro option, the screen is installed within an aperture in the projection room wall; the void in front of the screen is for the audience, while the void behind the screen is for the projector and hardware.

Solid screens are manufactured from either a sheet of cast acrylic or glass. These are far more expensive than soft screens for a number of reasons. Firstly the material is more expensive, but they are also heavier and have to be shipped flat (as obviously they don’t roll up or fold). Shipping costs are therefore much larger (which can be as much as the cost of screen itself!) and the installation takes longer and requires more people. Typically, solid screens are suspended in the frame to prevent them from bowing under their own weight, whilst gravity helps to maintain a perfectly flat projection surface. They are also generally clamped along their lower edges to maintain their flat shape.

Virtalis always chooses “best in class” and “fit for purpose” components for its VR installations. We are independent, but we maintain close relationships and even partnerships with key suppliers.


Da-Lite has been in the film business for over 100 years. The Company offers a dizzying range of front and rear projected screens and claims to design, manufacture and market the most comprehensive line of projection screens in the world. Currently, Da-Lite offers the widest selection ever of proprietary projection screen fabrics and materials in its history.

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