Virtalis and the BGS have been demoing GeoVisionary’s new voxel capability to mining companies in Brazil.  If the ability to load, view and navigate huge datasets (whole planets if you want to) and fly above and below the terrain as if you are in a helicopter isn’t enough, the developers have now included fully attributed voxel models into the subsurface.  What’s more, point cloud data is coming next with a beta version already in production.

The only downside of the trip was a visit to the Independência Stadium that hosted a legendary victory of the United States World Cup Team 1950 in a 1-0 triumph over England, where we witnessed Ronaldinho score an amazing hat-trick for Atletico in a 6-0 demolition of Figueirense.  What’s the downside of that you ask?  Well the football and atmosphere were so amazing that it is unlikely another other game will compare – I wonder if I can return my season ticket to Stamford Bridge!?