Kent Uni1Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) come in a variety of sizes, resolutions, Fields of View (FOV) and prices.

They can also be wired or wireless. Picking the right HMD for you will depend upon what you are hoping to achieve.

Over the years, Virtalis has worked with a wide range of academic, commercial and military customers and delivered a wide range of HMD-based solutions.


This depends on how immersive your application or environment needs to be. In general, a 35-60 degree FOV is considered good enough for most situations. However, a 100 degree plus FOV can be required when an application requires a great deal of peripheral information, as with driving simulators for example.

Virtalis’ ActiveSpace system has HMDs at its very core. Our expertise in this sphere is unrivalled, so we are best placed give advice on the right HMD for a specific application.

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