So Sony doesn’t believe that 3D is a key technology that it wants to embrace for the consumer market?:


AV Interactive News Article

A few months back, Sony also announced a relationship with bitter rivals Panasonic to build OLED panels for the next gen TVs, owing to the competition both companies face from Korea.  So how are these two pieces of news connected ?  Well, Sony was once seen as a real pioneer in technology (Trinitron tube, Walkman) . So I do now wonder if this move away from 3D glasses is not really because of consumer feedback, but more a reflection on its inability to innovate on its own.  A few years back, I would have expected Sony to adopt the approach of  “our consumers don’t like the 3D glasses, so let’s get rid of them and come up with a solution”, but it seems now they are prepared to wave the white flag. Perhaps they’re waiting for the research labs in Korea to solve the problem first!