BAE Systems

BAE Systems

Back before Virtalis was Virtalis and we were the Advanced Robotics Research Centre, we worked closely with BAE Systems.

Not only was the marine arm of their business an early adopter of Virtual Reality, but BAE also sat on our board of directors, guiding us as we made the leap from Government-funded research organisation to commercial business.

Over twenty years on and BAE Systems remain customers and partners. Like us, they are an advanced, technology-led company. Unlike us, they operate solely in defence, aerospace and security solutions and employ a workforce of 83,400 people in over 40 countries.

BAE Systems is known globally for its development, engineering, manufacturing and support of products and systems that deliver military capability, protect national security and keep critical information and infrastructure secure. We are proud to have nurtured this long term partnership with one of the world’s leading companies.


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