generichsmall_hiveimage1Uniquely, Virtalis is a PTC Gold Partner, a member of Dassault Systèmes’ CAA Partnership and a member of the Siemens JT Open program.

This gives us access to the native code of the leading, global CAD providers. We have developed a library of immersive device drivers specifically for use with DS’s entire range of V5 products, Siemens JT and Teamcenter and PTC’s DIVISION MockUp & Reality. This library of drivers interfaces directly with Virtalis’s own visualisation software – Virtalis Visionary Render.


Virtalis has created a library of drivers to support most of the leading interactive and motion tracking devices for use in advanced stereoscopic visualisation and virtual reality environments, including Intersense, Polhemus, Ascension and the Cyberglove.

Virtalis also offers the complete on-site installation, commissioning and integration of immersive devices. To find out if your particular device is supported, please call us on +44 (0)161 969 1155.

“This is all to do with integrating Virtual Reality (VR) more fully into the Product Lifecycle.  VR isn’t the pretty, 3D bit you do at the end of a project.  It’s a core engineering tool.”

David Cockburn-Price,Virtalis MD

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