The latest version of Visionary Render, Virtalis’ flagship engineering VR software, offers the ability to share 3D models across an entire enterprise thanks to a new cloud-based structure.

Built specifically to maintain design and engineering information, as opposed to a repurposed gaming engine, Visionary Render 2 acts as a platform linking both structured and unstructured data, meaning CAD PLM can be brought together with any mix of data from IoT, laser scans, point clouds, weather feeds and more.

Our giant data sets can be rendered at lightning speed and that thanks to its mesh network, it can stream to a range of devices, ‘including tablets, all while maintaining vital security and data integrity features’.

We believe to be the longest-established VR research team in the world, has ensured that the core values of Visionary Render are maintained.

VisRen (Visionary Render) remains a VR collaborative platform, which enables true 3D experimentation throughout the entire product lifecycle and across the enterprise.

Unlike game engines, our engineering know-how is embedded in the DNA of this product, which is why Blue-Chip companies, like Raytheon, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Siemens are among our biggest VisRen users who have all made it integral to their business processes.

A new pay-as-you-go VR as a Service (VRaaS) pricing structure, as well as traditional annual and node/floating licences, means that the toolset is open to more businesses than ever before will be able to benefit from the extra insight and dimension that VR/visualisation brings and share work collaboratively with colleagues.

Visionary Render 2 is accessible to teams wherever they are in the world, via tablets, laptops, workstations, HMDs and full 3D/VR ActiveWorks display systems. The software is even said to remove ‘onerous compute demands’, because its “Mixed Mode” means that models can be streamed, with the data kept remote and secure.

“Visionary Render has already changed the way organisations communicate”, commented the recently appointed new Virtalis Group CEO, Guenter Dahm.

“The effects of Version 2 will be seismic,” continued Dahm. “It is no exaggeration to say Visionary Render is breaking down professional barriers, allowing people from different disciplines to experience the same model, enabling company-wide collaboration using a single platform.

“Visionary Render supports smarter decision-making, whether for a relatively straightforward VR design review or for a full Virtual Digital Twin.”

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