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Upgrading Virtalis Reach from Version 2021.3.1 to 2021.4.0


This document is designed to help a systems administrator upgrade Virtalis Reach from version 2021.3.1 to 2021.4.0.


Before continuing to the next section, please refer to Virtalis Reach Automated Backup System and perform a full backup of the system.

Set Up Variables

Substitute and export the following variables:

export REACH_NAMESPACE=<name of kubernetes namespace Virtalis Reach is deployed in>

Export the following variables:

export REACH_VERSION=2021.4.0
export ACR_REGISTRY_NAME=$(kubectl get secret reach-install-config -n $REACH_NAMESPACE  -o json | jq ".data.ACR_REGISTRY_NAME" -r | base64 -d)
export ACR_USERNAME=$(kubectl get secret reach-install-config -n $REACH_NAMESPACE  -o json | jq ".data.ACR_USERNAME" -r | base64 -d)
export ACR_PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret reach-install-config -n $REACH_NAMESPACE  -o json | jq ".data.ACR_PASSWORD" -r | base64 -d)

Download Installation Files

Log in with Oras:

oras login "${ACR_REGISTRY_NAME}" \
--username "${ACR_USERNAME}" \

Make a backup of the old installation files:

mv /home/root/Reach /home/root/.Reach

Make a directory to store installation files:

mkdir /home/root/Reach && cd /home/root/Reach

Pull the Kubernetes deployment file archive from the Virtalis registry and unzip it:

tar -zxvf k8s.tar.gz

Make the installation scripts executable:

cd k8s && sudo chmod +x *.sh


Load Previous Configuration

. ./

Create Secrets


Deploy Reach

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