Vestas improve global product development collaboration with visionary render

Vestas designs, manufactures, installs, and services wind turbines across the globe. They have installed more wind power than anyone else. They use Visionary Render from Virtalis to enable the global product development team to carry out bi-weekly design reviews in a coillaborative immersive virtual environment. This includes stakeholders from many disciplines. Not only design teams but engineers from the asembly lines, sales people, service technicians, transportation experts and even health and safety specialists. Those teams collaborate in real time, across global sites as dispersed as the US, India and Denmark. They even involve customers into some review sessions to input from the field.

One of the key benefits for Vestas is in reducing the development timescales for new products and getting them out to their customers faster. They believe the company-wide adoption of immersive visualisation technology to connect product stakeholders has led to significantly decreased time to market. Their recently launched V112-3MW turbine is a case in point. Alan Molbech, a VR Administrator at Vestas, says that the adoption of Visionary Render “led to a more coherent design sooner than would have been possible by any other method.” Immersive technology also allows them to clearly demonstrate to customers the technical advantages of their product portfolio and the safety features of the design. Customers are taken on a virtual tour of the nacelle and are able to interact with the different components in the same way that onsite technical experts would do. The feedback from those customers is very positive. They find the experience to be both technically enlightening as well as enjoyable.”

“The fact that will surprise most people is that we, in some cases, find VR better than reality for the verification of designs.  We’ve been able to do away with physical geometry and, in so doing, rectify errors at an earlier stage than ever before and communicate with more people in a more understandable way. Visionary Render has enabled us to have efficient, technical communication unaffected by distance.”

Allan Molbech, VR administrator