The University of Liverpool’s Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) at Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus is a flagship hardware and software Virtalis installation. VEC is a University of Liverpool initiative in partnership with the Northwest Aerospace Alliance, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (Daresbury Laboratory), BAE Systems, Morson Projects and Airbus. The Centre is a focal … Continued


Virtalis designed and supplied multi million pound multiple Virtual Reality (VR) facilities for The UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Daresbury and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories. Since then, we have worked together on numerous projects rendering research projects in 3D on their ActiveCurve. Our big data visualisation expertise dovetails perfectly with STFC’s big data capability. … Continued


Virtalis and The Nuclear AMRC have partnered on various projects since the NAMRC’s inception. The NAMRC was set up to support the nuclear supply chain for the new generation of nuclear reactors. The Nuclear AMRC brings together the manufacturing and engineering expertise of the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, the nuclear and materials … Continued

University of Bristol

Virtalis holds an exclusive licensing agreement with The University of Bristol to market, install and support the Haptic Cow and Haptic Horse products. Many of the UK’s leading veterinary schools have installed one or both of these systems. Now, they are being sold all over the world, with recent installations in Germany, China and the … Continued

BAE Systems

Back before Virtalis was Virtalis and we were the Advanced Robotics Research Centre, we worked closely with BAE Systems. Not only was the marine arm of their business an early adopter of Virtual Reality, but BAE also sat on our board of directors, guiding us as we made the leap from Government-funded research organisation to … Continued

Touch and Discover Systems

Virtalis has joined forces with Freeform Studios to form Touch And Discover Systems, which has developed the ground-breaking Probos system, that allows museum visitors to virtually “touch” and examine precious artefacts. Haptics draws on force feedback to create resistance to touch, tricking the mind into the sensation of touch. Developed initially with the visually impaired … Continued


Virtalis and The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing have informally collaborated on various projects over the last seven years. Virtalis has been a sponsor of AMRC since 2006 and is also involved in all AMRC projects involving a simulation element. AMRC is a collaboration between world-leaders in the aerospace supply … Continued

The British Geological Survey

The British Geological Survey (BGS) is responsible for advising the UK government on all aspects of geoscience as well as providing impartial geological advice to industry, academia and the public. BGS first collaborated with Virtalis in 2005, when BGS installed two identical Virtalis StereoWorks tracked visualisation systems at its Keyworth HQ and its Edinburgh office. Recently, teams from … Continued

Royal Air Force

Founded in 1918 in response to daylight bombing raids on London, the RAF is still regarded as one of the elite air forces of the world. Virtalis’s connection with the RAF dates back a decade when we supplied a Virtual Reality solution to their need to improve the training of rear crew in its helicopters. … Continued


Siemens PLM Software is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software. It has sold 6.7 million licensed seats and has more than 69,500 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively with companies to deliver open solutions that help them turn more ideas into successful products. It is heavily … Continued


Vertual is a successful spin out company from the University of Hull. The Company developed Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Training or “VERT” software, and asked Virtalis to design and supply the integrated visualisation hardware. VERT is already revolutionising the way in which radiotherapists are trained. VERT is a virtual environment of a radiotherapy treatment room. Through … Continued