Virtalis Joins the MINTs

Written by David Cockburn-Price, Managing Director at Virtalis Virtalis has jumped on a band wagon without even being aware such a bandwagon existed! Radio 4 has gone MINT mad this week. For the uninitiated, this acronym stands for Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey and these are predicted to be the next emerging economic giants. What … Continued

Keele University Completes Study Proving the Effectiveness of 3D in Learning

Objectives A recent review concluded that until now there was no robust data supporting the pedagogical effectiveness of technology for 3D visualisation, making an assessment of this technology desirable.  At Virtalis we felt we knew the answer, but we wanted to know for sure… Understanding the molecular nature of pharmaceutical interactions requires an appreciation of … Continued

Welcome to the Virtalis Blog…

Only a few years ago, the longevity of VR was much derided.  Perhaps because the hype came before the technology was mature enough to be anything other than an expensive play thing for Board Rooms and glossy company HQs. Virtalis has kept the faith through these “wilderness years” and is delighted to see that more … Continued