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Precision Position Tracking (PPT) is an optical inertial motion tracking system that can be integrated with existing real-time rendering tools, making the PPT ideal for real-time applications like VR. As a real-time system, you see tracking results the instant a subject moves. A four camera system can track a 10 x 10 metre space.

When combined with an off-the-shelf inertial orientation tracker, a PPT hybrid system provides 6DoF motion tracking. The PPT senses the three-dimensional location of the infrared LED markers and quickly transmits the data to a host computer. In this way, PPT can be deployed to track a user in large indoor spaces. WorldViz’s filtering technology allows undisturbed tracking of persons or objects in brightly lit indoor environments (fluorescent or similar lighting).

WorldViz Studio software uses a high-speed technique that allows users to calibrate systems in minutes.

WorldViz’s Precision Position Tracking E solution enables high-quality optical tracking over very wide ranges (more than 50 x 50 meters). Optical sensors mounted in the corners of a room track active LED markers. As sensors move within the room, the sensors acquire data. Through rapid processing, the sensors’ data are converted to the accurate three-dimensional location of the markers.


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