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Vizard 5 introduces two powerful approaches for both artists and the programmers.

Core Features of Vizard 5:
• Rapid development via Vizard’s Integrated Editor
• Python Scripting
• Advanced Avatar Features

Full Feature Solutions of Vizard 5:
• Clustering
• Augmented Reality
• Physics


The Vizard SDK gives C++ developers the ability to extend the functionality of Vizard. The SDK is used to create DLL plug-ins that can interface with Vizard VR scripts.


Vizard Complete Characters

Vizard Complete Characters is a library of 100 realistic human 3D Characters, especially created for real-time environments like computer games, simulations and other virtual worlds.

Vizard Live Characters

Live Characters is a software plugin that enables real-time human animation and interaction in virtual space by Motionbuilder supported motion capture systems. Live Characters delivers full human presence for both first person point of view and third person points of view.

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“Vizard has been a real-enabling experience for me. I’ve been employing C++ programmers for the last 15 years to write code for viz sims for experimental work. With Vizard I have been able to develop and tweak simulations myself, pilot ideas, show them to the group. Its put me back in control of the experimental stimuli.” Professor John Wann at Royal Holloway, University of London


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