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VIRTALIS has developed ActiveMove – a cost effective, interactive 3D visualisation system
that sets the industry benchmark for both price and performance. Virtalis adds an unexpected
fourth dimension – it’s transportable!

ActiveMove comprises an active, stereoscopic 3D, professional quality, 3 chip DLP projector which
operatesat upzz to 120Hz. This is combined with a rear projection screen, stereo 3D capable workstation
PC, eyewear,headand hand tracking all in a custom built, rapid assembly, enclosure. ActiveMove
combines best in class technology and is part of the Virtalis ActiveWorks family of 3D immersive
visualisation solutions. ActiveMovecan’t be beaten for users looking for a cost effective and portable
solution that can be quickly assembled in any location for department presentations, marketing
seminars, trade shows, training workshops or research programmes.

With ActiveMove, you can not only visualise your data in
stereoscopic 3D but also get immersed and interact with
it through the use of our integrated head and hand tracking
solution. This added functionality alters theperspective of
the visuals according to your position and orientation within
the scene. The hand held controller allows the immersive
experience to be enhanced further. The user can navigate
through the scene, pick and manipulate component parts
in real time and make decisions on the fly.

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