Visionary Cluster

AMRC are able to handle fantastically large CAD files which have been converted into virtual models and which can be accessed in real time, thanks to the Virtalis Visionary Cluster that powers it. Virtalis Visionary Framework, is a technology we developed to get more value from PC clustering. Although the Visionary Cluster can act on its own, it can also be harnessed to high end, visualisation software. When working in tandem in this way, Virtalis’ Visionary Framework allows the manipulation of large data models.

As the Visionary Framework requires off the shelf PCs, both purchase and maintenance costs are exceedingly low.

The Virtalis Visionary Framework creates a seamless integration between the CAD package and the cluster. The solution is also scalable, with three PCs or as many as are required, capable of running both large-scale, projected environments and a headset-wearing, fully tracked individual. The same model can then be explored simultaneously by both the HMD wearing individual and a group to whom the images are projected in 3D. Our Visionary Framework, which was introduced in 2008, successfully features in countless Virtalis clusters around the world.

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