The Vicon product range of optical trackers contains systems with differing technology approaches. These each offer their own benefits and environmental requirements, but all are superb for use in metal rich environments. Virtalis has successfully integrated Vicon tracking with our ActiveWall systems and we are poised to add them to our market leading ActiveCube systems.




Vicon Bonita

Vicon’s Bonita optical family of cameras combines, flexibility and affordability for both VR and MoCap. With its high resolution, quality optics and sophisticated algorithms, Bonita’s one megapixel camera, the B10, captures with precision, down to 0.5mm of translation and 0.5 degrees of rotation in a 4m x 4m volume using 9mm markers.

It is possible to capture speeds of up to 250 fps with the B10 and 240 fps with the B3 to precisely capture the movements of fast moving objects.

Compact Bonita cameras can be mounted anywhere. With their variable focal length lenses and single cable Ethernet connection, it’s easy to optimise your set up, whether it is for the foot well of a car or a complex ActiveCube environment.

Bonita uses a single cable to provide everything it needs – power, data and synchronisation. Calibrate and start streaming data in less than two minutes!


Vicon Tracker Software

Vicon Tracker is an object tracking solution providing data accuracy for integration in to 3D applications such as:

• VirTools
• Labview
• Open Scene Graph
• WorldViz
• Panda3D
• VR Juggler

Tracker has been designed for applications as diverse as robot tracking, human factors engineering and virtual engineering. Tracker works with Vicon’s T-Series and Bonita cameras and whatever your application, Tracker can quickly stream real-time data.

Tracker’s powerful core engine will process 10 objects at 2.8 milliseconds (ms) and five objects at 1.9 ms.

Tracker 3.0 can process data in as little as 1.5ms at more than 500 frames per second. With the added ability to recognise rigid bodies in 2D, tracking continues, even if the markers become visible to only one camera. It also features smart algorithms that select the best bits of data to use from the cameras, and combines adaptive filtering techniques that change according to how fast an object is moving.

Vicon Apex


Designed to work perfectly with Tracker, Apex is Vicon’s VR interaction device. Not only can you use multiple devices in one volume, but it also provides haptic vibration for user feedback and delivers reliable, robust tracking with as few as two Bonita cameras.


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