Vicon Motion Capture

Vicon Motion Capture

With 30 years of innovation, Vicon has a motion capture solution for any application.






Vicon Cara

Vicon Cara is the world’s first out of the box 3D facial motion capture system. It features a custom made HeadRig, four HD, high speed cameras and optional on-board lighting.

Proprietary calibration and tracking algorithms ensure post processing of the data results in clean, accurate trajectories. Timecode support allows ease of management of the data in your performance capture pipeline.
The Cara system has been engineered to ensure both reliability and actor comfort.

Cara is a truly modular system. You can choose to use your own headgear with the Cara hardware; you can use one, two three or all four cameras, whichever best fits your needs; you can use the CaraPost processing software to output high quality 3D data or use the images straight from the logger and pass the output through your own processing pipeline or third party software.


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