Trivisio is the main European developer of head mounted displays with full production in Germany.

It offers a wide range of near-the-eye technologies including head mounted displays, binocular, monocular, hand-held, digital telescopes as well as many other optical and digital developments.


VRvision HMD


The VRvision HMD features an opto-electronic device that projects an image or a streaming video through near-the-eye micro-displays. It has 800 x 600 resolution, equalling 1.4M pixels, while its full colour, LCD displays deliver quality images. The images have excellent sharpness, brightness, and contrast, which allows a comfortable reading visibility without tiring the eyes.



The 3-Scope HMD and Goggles boast micro displays with 480,000 pixels and 18 bit display colours in each for 2D and 3D visualisation. They are Liquid Crystal On Silicon, enabling the best quality of image. The brightness and contrast are adjusted via a control unit and the refresh rate is 120Hz per colour. The 3-Scope gives the viewer a real field of view of 40 degrees diagonally.

ARvision 3D


The ARvision 3D is designed for augmented reality and video-tracking. It comes in three variants: goggle style, front fixation style and oaktree style. With both micro displays, the pixels equal 1.4M. The display is flicker free with a rate of 360Hz for all colours.  It has a 40 degree FOV which is equivalent to watching a 57 inch screen at a two metre distance.


The ARvision-S is designed for augmented reality applications. It is an opto-electronic device that projects an image or a streaming video through the near-the-eye micro-displays. The ARvision-S offers full colour micro-screens with 800 x 600 resolution, equalling 1.4M pixels.  Brightness and contrast are adjusted by computer, via software provided for the device.



The LCD29-HMD is a specialised product designed for augmented reality applications. The optic-see-through frameless design allows nearly unblocked vision. Otherwise, its specifications are identical to those of the ARvision-S. The LCD29-Monocular HMD variant incorporates a monocular optic-see-through device.

Trivisio also offers a range of virtual binoculars and a virtual telescope – contact us for more information.


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