Tracking Systems

Tracking the user in a VR system greatly increases the sense of immersion in the virtual world. Virtalis is a technological leader in the application and integration of tracking systems.

Motion tracking devices come in a range of technologies and products from a single sensor positional device to a full body capture rig in a large room. A number of questions need to be addressed in order to select the correct tracker:

What technology could I use?

This depends on the visualisation/display system you have and the type of room or space you wish to operate in, its size, shape and what materials are near e.g. metal, light. It is also determined by the nature of your application and your budget.

Where will I install the tracker?

The location of the tracking device is based on the size of the physical environment, the virtual environment and the choice of optical, magnetic or inertial/ultrasonic tracker. Each has advantages and disadvantages that determine the suitability.

How many sensors do I require?

This is dependent on the level of immersion and interaction of your applications. Do you need to track the full body, the head, the hand or other body part or a combination of these.

Virtalis has extensive experience in specifying, installing and supporting all types of tracking systems. We are the exclusive reseller for Intersense IS-900 products and all Polhemus products in the UK & Ireland and we also represent the rest of the Intersense portfolio and systems from Vicon, Ascension and WorldViz.  We have installed integrated immersive tracked display systems all over the world.

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