Sensics develops, manufactures and markets professional VR HMDs and other near-eye devices. Virtalis has been a partner almost since its inception over a decade ago.

The company is best known for its wireless HMD, which was introduced a few years ago. Sensics products and technologies are deployed worldwide for a wide spectrum of training, medical, consumer and research applications. Sensics is also a leader in open-source VR.





The zSight is a professional, plug and play HMD with high-resolution displays and a comfortable framework. The bright, crisp, high contrast display uses the latest OLED microdisplay technology, so that the resolution achieved is SXGA 1280×1024 pixels per eye.
There are two usage modes, giving either a 60o FoV with 100% binocular overlap or a 70o FoV with 75% binocular overlap. Weighing just 450g or less than a pound, zSight has low power consumption from either mains or battery and has fully integrated peripherals.
It also boasts a “movie mode”, enabling widescreen viewing of 1680×1050 input signals. ZSight is an excellent choice for a variety of training, imaging, tactical display and remote presence applications, especially as there is an option for wireless version, which gives truly portable, untethered operation.

Sensics believes that head-mounted displays need not be tied with a cable to a computer, so it created a wireless video link that is optimised for HMD use: low-latency, high-definition and large distance. The zSight wireless delivers truly portable, untethered operation.

zsight 1920

zSight 1920

Using the latest in OLED micro display technology and operating with single or dual HDMI/DVI inputs, Sensic’s zSight 1920 is an HMD with WUXGA (1920×1200) and 72o diagonal field of view. It is self-contained, meaning there is no need for bulky external control electronics and there is optional battery operation too. At 350g or 12 oz, it is rugged, lightweight and comfortable. The 1920 accepts low power DC or USB power input and is compatible with the Sensics low-latency high-performance wireless video option for truly portable, untethered operation. Other integrated peripherals include a 3 DOF tracker, stereo audio and a microphone. The 1920 is consequently an excellent choice for a variety of advanced training, imaging, tactical display and remote presence applications.

zSight 1920-100

The zSight 1920-100 is a professional HMD with WUXGA (1920×1200) OLED displays, a 98o
FoV, comfortable and lightweight packaging, low power consumption and integrated peripherals.


zSight 810 ruggedized HMD

The zSight 810 is designed for training and simulation applications that are performed in rugged conditions. It meets Mil 810 specifications for shock, vibration, humidity, extended temperature, driving rain and more. The zSight 810 includes high-resolution OLED displays, optics with large eye relief and eyebox, integrated motion tracking, microphone and audio. It can be mounted on a wide range of helmets.




Traditionally, single-display systems force the user to choose between wide field of view and high pixel density. The former provides immersion. The latter provides realism and detail. The dSight delivers the best of both worlds.

The dSight HMD combines a dual HD1080p display with precision optics and a panoramic field of view and a superb, high-definition visual experience. The dSight comes with a multitude of add-on options such as augmented reality, wireless video, gesture tracking and eye tracking.


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