DIVISION Mock Up was PTC’s high end engineering visualisation software. It is now, effectively, “end of life”, with only a few maintained customers. PTC now recommends Virtalis’ Visionary Render to all its customers.

PTC and Virtalis have signed a worldwide referral agreement to help customers make a natural technological progression. Since early 2014, PTC and Virtalis have joined forces to market Visionary Render.


Viewing on a Virtalis ActiveMove

Immersive device drivers for Visionary Render

For legacy PTC DIVISION MOCK Up customers, Virtalis has developed a library of immersive device drivers available on PTC’s price list. The library supports most of the leading interactive and motion tracking devices for use in advanced stereoscopic visualisation and VR environments.

Andy Barlow, VP of PTC’s Partner Advantage Program, explained: “Virtalis is our preferred advanced visualization partner and has been a Gold Partner for many years now. Our partnership with Virtalis goes beyond hardware, so we are pleased to be able to market their high end visualization software which can be used in multinational corporations and mid-market businesses.”

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