Polhemus is a leading, global provider of 3D position/orientation tracking systems, digitising technology solutions, eye-tracking systems and handheld three-dimensional scanners. Its products use electromagnetic technology and Virtalis has used them in systems and solutions for the medical industry, university research, in the military training and simulation sector and by CAD users. Polhemus products have a reputation for being reliable, easy to use and cost-effective and Virtalis is one of the highest selling distributors in the world.

Virtalis is the exclusive reseller/distributor of Polhemus products in the UK and we can sell integrated solutions using Polhemus products worldwide, such as our ActiveSpace and Helicopter Crew Reality systems.




PATRIOT is the perfect cost effective, full 6DOF motion tracking solution for applications requiring up to two sensors. With an update rate of 60 Hz per sensor, PATRIOT delivers the durability and high level tracking standard Polhemus is known for. As with all Polhemus trackers, PATRIOT utilizes our proprietary AC electromagnetic technology.

PATRIOT can be used for a wide variety applications, and is ideal for high volume training simulators. In fact, it’s become the trusted, reliable solution for simulators around the globe. The Polhemus PATRIOT powers training simulators for welding, spray painting, and ultrasound trainers—to name just a few. Because no line-of-sight is needed, Polhemus sensors can be easily embedded, creating a realistic training solution that mimics the real-world environment—in real time. Also, the system is a popular solution for HMD (Head Mounted Displays), with one sensor on the hand and the other attached to the head apparatus. PATRIOT’s low-cost, easy to use and embeddable sensors make it the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications and a top choice for OEM’s. See the PATRIOT datasheet for a full description and product specifications.



The PATRIOT Wireless system allows the user to move much more freely. Contrary to the way most tracking systems work, the markers on the Patriot act as transmitters and the receptors do the tracking. The beauty of this technology is that by fixing the receivers and wearing the transmitters, the interference from metals is minimised. The system is capable of tracking up to four markers for a full six degrees of freedom over larger areas. Each marker is tracked in space by a sensor receptor that covers 2.43 metres or 8 feet diameter.

David Hendon, VR Product Specialist at Virtalis, comments: “This development brings wireless tracking to people who couldn’t previously afford it. I expect the Patriot Wireless to be in great demand from the education sector.”

The PATRIOT is a cost effective electromagnetic dual sensor, six degrees-of-freedom tracking system that has an update rate of 60Hz per sensor simultaneously and ease of use via an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). It is a perfect solution for position and orientation sensing within 3D applications. The PATRIOT is used widely in academia and medical research, for example to track the movement of surgeons’ hands.



LIBERTY electromagnetic tracker has an unprecedented speed of 240 updates per second per sensor, so LIBERTY makes it easy to track virtually anything that is non-metallic. The easy to use GUI allows four independent user definable profiles for setting system parameters such as filtering, output formats and co-ordinate rotations, allowing multiple applications or users.

“The Polhemus LIBERTY is simple to install and flexible to use. There is good distortion correction and it is expandable, so it is easy to develop with. I’ve used it on our Helicopter Crew Reality product and also for various universities’ research activities.” – James Clarkson, Systems Team Manager


LIBERTY LATUS (Large Area Tracking Untethered System) delivers a totally wireless, full six Degree-Of-Freedom (6DoF) magnetic tracking solution. Capable of tracking up to 12 independent markers over large areas, LIBERTY LATUS offers exceptional speed and ease of use, facilitated by an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and a comprehensive software developer’s kit (SDK).

With optimised signal-to-noise ratios, LIBERTY LATUS offers stability, providing consistent, high quality data without wires.



FASTRAK is the perfect solution for interfacing with applications where real time response is critical. It is also ideal for measuring range of motion or limb rotation in biomedical research. It is a fast, accurate, easy to use, and effective method of capturing motion data on any non-conductive object.


The Polhemus G4 wireless motion tracking system


G4 is the latest 6DOF tracking system from Polhemus and is a true wireless system, enabling freedom of movement. It consists of up to nine control hubs, each wearable and around the size of a mobile phone, capable of accepting up to three sensors and operating at 120Hz. Up to eight tracking sources can be positioned around the tracking area, powered from the mains and with an individual tracking radius of eight to 10 feet. The sensor data calculations are transmitted back to the PC from the hub, using an RF link. Incorporating Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics, in concert with AC magnetics, G4 enables data stability, high resolution and amazing speed, yet the tracker fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.


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