NVIS designs and manufactures VR displays that allow users to visualise and interact with simulated 3D environments. Its products incorporate wide field-of-view optics and high-resolution microdisplays into ergonomically designed displays optimised for comfort and ease-of-use.

Virtalis is the sole appointed reseller in the UK & Ireland and we have sold NVIS products as part of our integrated VR solutions to organisations across Europe and in the US.




nVisor ST50

The nVisor ST50 offers high-fidelity virtual and augmented reality developers and users a head-mounted display with unprecedented performance for a very affordable price. The nVisor ST50 was designed for the US Army’s Research and Development Engineering Command (RDECOM) to support virtual dismounted soldier training programmes. The Army required a lightweight, low-cost, see-through capable HMD that can withstand active daily training exercises for the soldiers. These same characteristics have widespread appeal in many high-performance immersive training and simulation applications. The nVisor ST50 is built around a new Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) microdisplay from EMagin. The microdisplay provides 1280×1024 pixels per eye in a low-power, compact design. The patent-pending eyepieces display the image across a 50° diagonal field-of-view with < 2% distortion, making the see-through compatible optics ideal for professional augmented reality applications that require precision alignment between real and virtual environments. The nVisor ST50 works equally well as a see-through or fully immersive display. A removable cover can be quickly applied to allow users the flexibility to develop both virtual and augmented reality applications using the same HMD. In addition, the nVisor ST50 supports standard motion tracking devices from Intersense, Ascension, Polhemus and others via a tracker platform mounted on the back of the HMD.

nVisor MH60

The nVisor MH60 helmet compatible display features a compact optical design with eyeglass compatible eye-relief and a large exit pupil for minimal adjustments across a wide range of users.
The displays are housed in a rugged module with intuitive mounting hardware for quick attachment and detachment to the user’s own HGU-56 flight helmet. Provisions are available for cable management
and counterweight, if desired. The nVisor MH60 is compatible with industry standard motion trackers including the InterSense IS-900 Sensors and the InertiaCube 2+/3.

Currently ships only within the US.


Virtual Binocular SV

Virtual Binocular SV (VBSV)

The Virtual Binocular SV (VBSV) hand-held display is designed for cost-sensitive, professional training and simulation applications. The VBSV features a remarkably bright 800×600 display with focus-adjustable eyepieces displaying a 40º FOV.  Stereopsis is supported via two independent video inputs. The VBSV has a user accessible door that allows users to install and replace most popular motion trackers. Mounting hardware inside the VBSV supports the IC2/3 and IS-900 motion trackers from Intersense. The VBSV incorporates six programmable USB joystick compatible buttons, plus a z-axis scroll wheel, offering developers and users a wide array of interactivity within their applications. The VBSV was designed for applications with sensitive budgets requiring an easy-to-use, professional immersive display. Its intuitive interface lends itself well to applications ranging from simulated binoculars used in military trainers to virtual 3D microscopes for medical simulations.

ranger 47

Virtual Binocular Ranger 35/47

The NVIS VB Ranger 47 Virtual Binocular is a hand-held display designed for professional training and simulation applications.  It features dual SXGA OLED microdisplays with focus-adjustable eyepieces displaying a 47 degree diagonal field-of-view (36H x 28V).  It also includes a central hinge for IPD adjustments.  Stereopsis is supported via two independent video inputs.  The VB Ranger 47 has an external mounting plate that accommodates industry standard motion trackers.  The VB Ranger provides four programmable USB joystick compatible buttons, plus a z-axis scroll wheel, offering developers and users a wide array of interactivity within their applications.  A standard one year warranty is included.


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