ThalesVisionix (Intersense)

ThalesVisionix (Intersense)

Thales recently acquired both Visionix Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) and InterSense motion tracking businesses which were formerly owned by Gentex Corporation.

InterSense motion tracking products are industry-leading inertial-ultrasonic products that allow anyone – from product designers, computer and internet game-developers and players, to scientists, teachers and students and video and film production companies – to interact with virtual 3D images just as they do physical objects.

The combination of inertial and ultrasonic technologies ensures that the system is immune to metallic interference, while offering smooth, robust real-time tracking in demanding environments



The IS-900 product family delivers extremely precise and accurate wide area, interference free, head, hand and object tracking for the most demanding 3D applications. From ActiveCubes to ActiveMoves, the IS-900 is a proven solution to offer precision motion tracking, giving accurate and smooth movements with low latency to enable realistic, intuitive interaction between the user and the application content. Precise installation of the equipment is a complex process requiring the use of a theodolite and mapping software – Virtalis is highly experienced in this task, having installed dozens and dozens of IS-900 systems in recent years.

“You can set this tracking system up and leave it alone and it will continue to give very good accuracy. I think it is the most versatile tracking system you can get and it is scalable. We’ve used it mostly for implementing holographic multi-projector systems, tracking both eye and hand on large screen. It is the tracker we use in our own Demo Room.” – Adrian Scarlett, Virtalis Installation Engineer

For immersive displays the IS-900 system can be configured with a MicroTrax Head Tracker for use with passive or active stereo glasses, a MicroTrax Wand for interaction with virtual content, and a MicroTrax Hand Tracker for use with virtual and haptic gloves. Wireless options for this devices are available along with a Docking Station to provide a convenient and elegant solution for recharging the wireless MicroTrax devices.

IS-900 PCI Tracker

The cost effective PCI Tracker has been designed specifically to take advantage of fast, Windows-based computers running with modern graphics engines for the budget conscious user. The wired MiniTrax tracking devices and 2ft or 4ft SoniStrips plug into the IS-900 PCTracker Hub, which interfaces via PCI Bus. The IS-900 PCTracker Hub will support a maximum of two MiniTrax devices and four SoniStrips (nine emitters). It is capable of tracking a space of 9m2.

IS-900 SimTracker

The IS-900 SimTracker system includes one IS-900 VWT processor, one SoniWing fixed frame and one wired or wireless MiniTrax Head Tracker. The SoniWing is a fixed frame that consists of six ultrasonic emitters that will track the volume of a standard cockpit simulator. The SoniWing does not require calibration or sighting. The SimTracker can track a space up to 20m2 and interfaces via ethernet or RS-232 connection.

IS-900 VET

The IS-900 VETracker provides full 3D volume tracking for immersive display systems such as ActiveCubes and ActiveWalls. One MiniTrax head tracker and a six-button MiniTrax Wand Tracker is included and the IS-900 VET is available in either wired or wireless options. It is capable of tracking a space of up to 140m2.

IS-1500 System

Vision-Inertial Tracking for mixed reality and GPS denied navigation. This small, lightweight, user-friendly Optical-Inertial device lets you track an object or person in any environment from your mobile computing platform with maximum precision that’s highly suitable for augmented reality and robotic navigation applications.



The InertiaCube2+ is a multi-purpose sensor ideal for real-time applications in simulation & training, virtual & augmented reality, motion capture, and human movement analysis.
Integrating nine discreet miniature inertial sensing elements with advanced Kalman filtering algorithms, the InertiaCube2+ is a full 360° sourceless orientation sensor that delivers smooth, precise angular measurements.



Intersense’s smallest and most accurate orientation sensor, the InertiaCube3 is ideal for simulation, training and industrial OEM applications. The sensor offers a low-profile, rugged aluminum enclosure which enables easy integration into any tracked solution. It is available wired or wireless.



The InertiaCube 4 offers the best performance of the InertiaCube range because it integrates the latest in MEMS inertial technology and utilises advanced Kalman filtering algorithms. This has resulted in a precision inertial orientation sensor which is ideal for real-time applications thanks to its 360o sourceless orientation.


InertiaCube BT

The InertiaCube BT is the latest product in the InertiaCube family of sensors. It provides real-time orientation data of motion via a standard Bluetooth interface to the computer. With an integrated rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours continuous use) and versatile, secure mounting straps, the InertiaCube BT is ideal for human movement analysis.


Wireless InertiaCube3

Maintaining the performance of the InertiaCube3 orientation sensor, the Wireless InertiaCube3 adds a robust wireless interface to your OEM application.

With an optional I2C interface, external analogue and digital data is combined with the sensor data through the wireless interface for control of buttons, joysticks, and LEDs. It has advanced magnetic compensation algorithms to mitigate the environmental effects caused by ferrous metal and static magnetic fields.

The Wireless InertiaCube3 receiver interfaces via USB or RS-232 to the host computer and supports up to four Wireless InertiaCube3 Sensors per receiver.


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