A spin-off of CEA (French Nuclear Research Agency), HAPTION benefits from results and know-how developed in more than 30 years of research. HAPTION designs, manufactures and sells haptic devices with professional quality, suited to the needs of its customers, both industrial and academic.

A haptic interface is a computer device, which enables its user to interact with a software application or with a virtual object through the sense of touch. It consists in an articulated mechanical structure with motors and position sensors, as well as embedded electronics. The user holds the end-point of the structure in his hand, and can move it around, both in the real and in the virtual world on the computer screen. Whenever his virtual hand makes contact with a digital object, a force value is sent to the motors, which simulate a real contact.

Haption products provide force-feedback on all 6 degrees-of-freedom (translations and rotations). Only 6-dof force-feedback enables realistic interaction between 3D objects.

Virtuose 3D Desktop

The Virtuose 3D Desktop is a 3D haptic interface with force-feedback and 3-dof with position sensors. Based on the same software and the same API as Haption’s other products, it also offers 6-dof admittance control and 6-dof indexing amongst its many qualities.


Virtuose 6D

The Virtuose 6D is currently the only product on the market which offers force-feedback on all six degrees-of-freedom combined with a large workspace. It is especially recommended for 1:1 scale manipulation of virtual objects such as assembly/disassembly simulation, ergonomic studies, or maintenance training. Modular in design, it can be purchased as a 3-dof device, and is upgradable to 6-dof.


Virtuose 6D40-40

The Virtuose 6D40-40 is a new generation master arm for tele-operation with force-feedback. Its simple serial architecture, with remote actuation, gives a light, slender design. It is able to adapt to the varying style of use of experienced operators.

Airbus in Broughton, Flintshire uses a Haption, 6-DOF, force feedback system in conjunction with its ActiveWall. The system is used to assist in the validation of methods and process improvements of composites manufacturing required for the new A350XWB aircraft.

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