Haptic devices provide a tactile interface to radically change the way we use computers. Haptic technology is now maturing and coming out of research laboratories and into real products and applications. Virtalis has recently joined forces with Freeform Studios to form a new venture – Touch And Discover Systems, which has developed the ground-breaking Probos system, that allows museum visitors to virtually “touch” and examine precious artefacts.  We also market internationally the Haptic Cow and Haptic Horse veterinary training systems in collaboration with Bristol University.

We are convinced haptics are moving into the mainstream. The world’s leading haptics specialists have turned to Virtalis to represent them, so we can give impartial advice on the best haptics solution for a specific task.

Force feedback haptic devices offer:

•    Enhanced user interface to advanced visualisation and Virtual Reality (VR) simulations.
•    Useful feature in the sphere of advanced robotics.
•    Numerous medical applications.
•    Provide the missing dimension to virtual CAD assembly processes.
•    Used in all kinds of R&D.

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