Force Dimension

Force Dimension

Founded in 2001 with the support and expertise of Switzerland’s leading R&D facilities, Force Dimension has more than a decade of first-hand haptic technology expertise.






Virtalis sees the OMEGA range of haptic devices from Force Dimension as promising products that could complement many of its products and installations. This is because it manages to combine the latest haptic technology with a compact design.



At the top end of the scale, the DELTA haptic device provides the complete solution for strong forces and large workspaces.The Delta is a high performance force feedback device, with a larger workspace than the Omega devices. Thanks to its unique parallel mechanical design, the Delta can convey large continuous forces anywhere in its workspace.



With its unique 7 active degrees-of-freedom, the sigma.7 is the most advanced master haptic device ever designed by Force Dimension. Its end effector covers the natural range of motion of the human hand and is compatible with bi-manual teleoperation console design. Its unique custom-designed actuators offer a very high level of forces and torques, making it the most accomplished master device available today. The combination of full gravity compensation and driftless calibration contributes togreater user comfort and accuracy. Conceived and manufactured in Switzerland, the sigma.7 is designed for demanding applications where performance and reliability are critical.


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