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Desktop VisualisationHuge advances in 3D desktop visualisation tools over the last year mean we have some very exciting offerings in this field.  We have just completed the integration of the brilliant zSpace into our Visionary Render software, thus extending its application from ActiveCube and ActiveWall to the desktop too.  If you haven’t tried the zSpace, you need to give it a go!  zSpace is uncanny, enabling natural interaction with virtual-holographic 3D imagery.  3D objects float in front of your eyes and you control the distance, zoom and rotation.  Once you’ve got over how good it is, you just get on and use it.

Add the Oculus Rift, especially the much anticipated Quad Resolution version due out later this year, and you’ve got a serious bundle.  This integrated VR desktop kit can be run off a high end laptop and can even be tracked.  We’ve been playing with our first “ActiveDesk” in our Manchester office and have been having a whale of a time!

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