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Cyberglove Systems

Cyberglove Systems (formerly known as Immersion) develops haptic technologies that engage the sense of touch in the digital world for communicating, driving, designing, training, motion capture or just for fun. The CyberGlove remains the only data glove solution offering both kinesthetic force and vibro-tactile feedback.





The CyberGlove system has been used in a wide variety of real-world applications, including digital prototype evaluation, virtual reality biomechanics, and animation. It is constructed with stretch fabric for comfort and a mesh palm for ventilation and includes open fingertips, which allow the user to easily type, write, and grasp objects.

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CyberGlove III

This CyberGlove Systems MoCap Glove caters to the needs of the motion capture and graphic animations industry. Featuring a new streamlined industrial design that allows for rigorous physical mobility, the MoCap Glove delivers the ultimate hand capture solution around.

Cyberglove Systems



The CyberGrasp System is a force feedback system for your fingers and hand. It lets you “reach into your computer” and grasp computer-generated or tele-manipulated objects. It is a lightweight, force-reflecting exoskeleton that fits over a CyberGlove data glove (wired version) and adds resistive force feedback to each finger. With the CyberGrasp force feedback system, users are able to feel the size and shape of computer-generated 3D objects in a simulated virtual world.

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The CyberTouch System is a tactile feedback option for Cyberglove System’s wired CyberGlove instrumented glove. It features small, vibrotactile stimulators on each finger and the palm of the CyberGlove system. Each stimulator can be individually programmed to vary the strength of touch sensation. The array of stimulators can generate simple sensations, such as pulses or sustained vibration, and they can be used in combination to produce complex tactile feedback patterns. The CyberTouch tactile feedback option is perfect for anyone serious about using their hands to interact with objects in a virtual world.

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The CyberForce System is a force feedback armature that not only conveys realistic grounded forces to the hand and arm, but also provides six degrees of freedom tracking that accurately measures translation and rotation of the hand in three dimensions. The CyberForce system is an option designed to work with the CyberGrasp exoskeleton, the award-winning, lightweight, force-reflecting system that fits over a CyberGlove data glove and adds resistive force feedback to each finger. Using the CyberForce system together with the CyberGrasp exoskeleton, one is able to hang one’s hand on a virtual steering wheel, sense weight and inertia while picking up a “heavy” virtual object, or feel the impenetrable resistance of a simulated wall. The CyberForce allows you to intuitively explore and interact with simulated graphical objects via realistic virtual touch.

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VirtualHand SDK

VirtualHand SDK integrates seamlessly with CyberGlove’s family of hardware products, helping visualisation developers integrate whole-hand technology into their environments.


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