Virtalis is Cyber-Anatomy’s only UK reseller that focuses on the higher education sector and the software’s use in academic research and teaching.

Virtalis pairs Cyber-Anatomy with zSpace as part of our ActiveDesk bundle.

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Cyber-Anatomy’s software enables student to study human anatomy within 3D, virtual environments, empowering students to learn by doing rather than merely observing. These immersive systems have been scientifically proven to enhance learning by 30% and Cyber-Anatomy has a proven scientific record of achieving success as demonstrated by the US National Science Foundation.


cyberanatomy med

Cyber-Anatomy Med

Cyber-Anatomy Med is the world’s most advanced virtual 3D cadaver for interactive anatomy education.


Cyber-Science 3D

Cyber-Science 3D is a suite of interactive 3D software in the areas of biology, human anatomy, zoology, micro-biology, chemistry and much more that allow the user to explore, control, and manipulate virtual 3D models.



The Cyber Physiology: SimBioSys (Simulations of Biological Systems) software models the heart, circulation, lungs and kidneys in co-ordination.

The SimBioSys software packages simulate the physiological functions of the human body, allowing health professionals to practice their skills on a realistic patient. Cyber Physiology Programs are delivered on a specialized computational platform that enables the fast real-time computing and solving of over 200 differential equations with over 1000 physiological variables.

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