ART is a leading manufacturer of high end optical tracking systems for virtual and augmented reality. Founded in 1999, the German company also offers a variety of tracked input devices, such as Flysticks and Fingertracking, which were specifically designed for VR.



The ARTTRACK System is ART’s most popular optical tracking system, which was developed over a decade ago. It guarantees a high reliability, especially in large tracking volumes.

System Performance

•    Fast and easy to calibrate
•    6 DoF high accuracy measurement
•    Robust against magnetic, electric and acoustic interference
•    No optical crosstalk between cameras
•    Support of wireless active, passive and custom built targets
•    External synchronisation possible
•    Compatible with Mocap, Flystick and Fingertracking

At the heart of all ARTTRACK systems is the ARTTRACK Controller. It is connected to the local network and fully remote-controlled, either via commands from the control panel or the DTrack2 front-end. The Controller performs all the tracking calculations, as well as the control of the cameras and the input devices.




Available with either two or four cameras, TRACKPACK is the best solution for Head and Flysticktracking in multi-sided sided projection environments, like the Virtalis ActiveCube (maximum size 3m x3m x 2m) or in front of an ActiveWall (up to 4.5 m wide).



The SMARTTRACK is ARTS’s plug and play tracking solution for small volumes (approx. 2 m³).  Two tracking cameras and the ARTTRACK Controller are fully integrated in one housing.  When delivered, the SMARTTRACK is pre-calibrated and may be used immediately.  This and its compact size make the SMARTTRACK the ideal mobile, out-of-the-box tracking system.


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