The Role Of Digital Twinning In Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is now a core value of the manufacturing industry. It stands for the increased integration of virtual and physical worlds with data seamlessly flowing between the two. People and software alike can monitor and analyse information within a single virtual environment, making predictions, drawing conclusions and making decisions. The entire mentality of Industry … Continued

Is now the time for virtual reality software roll-out?

I was lucky enough to be around when 3D CAD was first being introduced. It was my job to demonstrate the capabilities of this new technology to engineering companies, highlighting how they could best utilise it to their advantage. Many of them took quite a bit of convincing that 3D truly was the way forward, … Continued

Staring into our VR Crystal Ball- The Future of VR

I recently gave a presentation about the history of VR (it started in 1935 B.T.W.), which also included my view of where we are going in the future, so, as we stand at the start of 2018, I thought it would be a good time to gaze into my VR Crystal Ball and consider the … Continued

Scanning Around for a Solution?

I met an interesting new customer last week: Texo Drone, they have the capability to scan large structures, such as power stations, oil rigs, wind turbines etc., to sub-millimetre precision, both inside and outside the structures. Once they have all this data refined, they can give the customer an accurate 3D model of what is … Continued

Is Image Fidelity the Be All and End All?

I am just back from the NVIDIA GTC conference in Munich, where one of the hot topics was image quality or to give it the correct term: image fidelity. The technology demo in the keynote showed how far we have come in such a short time, and how the entertainment world has reset our expectations … Continued

The Power of Connections

I have written before about the power of collaboration in VR, but it is back on my mind, because this week at the Nvidia GTC conference in Munich, I have the pleasure of presenting a session alongside Palfinger Cranes.  They don’t just preach about collaborative VR, they practice it too, often involving the customer directly. … Continued

Today’s Virtual Reality on the Move

As part of my consultative role, I get to travel to a lot of customers’ sites to explain the capabilities of today’s VR systems and software.  The audience typically falls into three categories, the “tried it before and it was terrible” group, the “it’s all amazing, but uninformed” group and the smaller “know a bit, … Continued

AR or Immersive VR?

DURING a recent conversation with an engineering client, we discussed how different the experience is when using AR compared with an Immersive VR system.  This is a point that I think gets lost when users are keen to grab a headset and get cracking. However, time spent thinking through the use case is never wasted. … Continued

Mirroring Real Life with Digital Twinning

Definition: Digital Twinning is the 3D virtual representation of reality, containing VR models identical to a company’s real-life assets. Digital Twins within Asset Management are linked to the common data environment (the asset register) that is used to operate and maintain the actual infrastructure. Accordingly, all asset/condition information, whether collected by technology or people, is … Continued

Let’s “Get It” Together!

A contact of mine a while back told me how he was struggling to explain the idea his West Coast design team had come up with to his Chinese manufacturing team. So he jumped on a plane with a laptop and a VR headset and took the design to them in VR. Upon seeing, examining … Continued

Understanding Intelligent Data with Professional VR Software

If dumb data is so impressive, why bother with intelligent data? The data you want to look at is the key component of any VR scene.  In the case of engineering users, understanding the data is their sole reason for using VR software. At Virtalis, we believe that getting 3D CAD data into your VR … Continued