Virtalis Refresh for Zuse Institute, Berlin

When the Zuse Institute’s decade old Virtual Reality (VR) suite, the Studio da Vinci, was ready for an upgrade, it was to VR specialist company, Virtalis, that the academics turned. Zuse Institute’s 10 metre, curved screen with conical geometry presented a challenge, as it is effectively divided into three separate sections, each requiring two new … Continued

VR Radiotherapy Teaching at The University of Applied Sciences, Vienna

A combination of a Virtalis ActiveWall and Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Training (VERT) software is enabling radiotherapy treatments to be taught using VR technology, completely eliminating both time pressure and danger to patients. Already in use at leading teaching hospitals across the world, most especially in the UK, the latest institution to take delivery of a … Continued

Virtalis Creates Emergency Medicine ActiveCurve at University of Duisburg-Essen

Virtalis has designed and installed a 270o ActiveCurve, based on six LED single chip projectors to help in the teaching of Emergency Medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen.  This non-stereo ActiveCurve fosters an enormous sense of immersion as it displays images at a real-life 1:1 scale and wraps round the users. Andreas Fidrich, the tutor … Continued

Keele University adds Extra Dimension to Pharmacy

Since Virtalis installed a four-sided ActiveCube at Keele University last year, staff at the School of Pharmacy have been busy adapting their groundbreaking Virtual Patient and Virtual Ward pharmacy training systems to run in a VR environment.

Virtalis ActiveCube for Dun Laoghaire IADT

Following an EU Tendering Process, IADT has ordered an ActiveCube, a three-sided rear projected with a front-projected floor, multi directional Virtual Reality (VR) system from Virtalis.