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VIRTALIS has designed and installed a StereoWorks system for PTC’s Corporate Visit Center at the Company’s HQ in Needham, Massachusetts.

The Strategic Importance of PTC’s Virtalis System

David Reeves, Vice President, Sales, PTC commented: “This 30 seat theatre provides the showcase for our leading PLM technology, Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill, as well as our advanced visualisation solution, DIVISION Reality for Windows. We naturally want our software to be shown in a world-class manner with the best image quality possible. Virtalis is well known for its technical knowledge, especially its understanding of PTC’s products. They have supplied us with a complete solution which features precise 3D tracking.”

Virtalis StereoWorks at PTC

PTC’s Corporate Visitors Center is a high-end, three-channel rear-projected active stereo system. Andrew Connell, Virtalis’ Technical Director, said: “PTC’s customers want to be able to visualise complex data models at 1:1 scale. The ability of our system to show DIVISION Reality across a PC cluster, instead of a proprietary supercomputer, gives them that capability at PTC’s Head Office.”

Virtalis and PTC

Virtalis is a Gold Partner of PTC and holds preferred supplier status for PTC’s advanced visualisation. The leading specialist visualisation company has harnessed its clustering technology, Virtalis Visionary, to DIVISION Reality for Windows – the latest release of PTC’s high-end visualisation system featuring 64-bit scalability.

Virtalis Visionary creates a seamless integration between DIVISION Reality and the cluster. The solution is also infinitely scalable, with three PCs or as many as are required, capable of running both large-scale, projected environments and a headset-wearing, fully tracked individual, either singularly, or simultaneously, exploring the same model.

Dr Michael Rygol, PTC’s Vice President, Visualisation Product Management, commented: “Virtalis Visionary represents an excellent application of clustering technology to 64-bit digital mockup and is expected to prove to be exceptional for those companies involved in large collaborative projects, such as aircraft manufacturers or shipbuilders.”

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