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Virtalis & Enzen to Demonstrate Power of VR to Asset Management for Power & Utilities Industry Show 2017

Virtalis & Enzen to Demonstrate Power of VR to Asset Management for Power & Utilities Industry Show 2017

Virtalis and Enzen are at The Asset Management for Power and Utilities Industry Show, which this year is in Berlin at the Radisson Blu Hotel between 21st and 23rd June.

Earlier this year, Virtalis and Enzen announced their partnership which was formed specifically to bring Virtual Reality (VR) technology to Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) for utilities.

Virtalis and Enzen are delivering a joint presentation and Q&A session entitled, Cyber-Physical Systems, incorporating the VR Digital Twin.  Prof Mark Skilton, Head of Digital Strategy Center of Excellence, Enzen Global Limited, explained: “The ability to create a “Digital Twin” and harness that to a VR capability, so that it becomes an intelligent resource to foster superior decision making, is something that many blue chips are now exploring.  With the virtual model continually updated to mirror its real-world twin, improvements in productivity of up to 80% are possible, owing to better collaboration and a deeper understanding of the information represented.”

The Asset Management for Power and Utilities Industry Show is a forum for senior asset management figures from top utility industries throughout Europe meet to exchange knowledge and expertise.  It is sponsored by iframi (L’Institut Français d’Asset Management Industriel et Infrastructures).

Virtalis is one of the world’s leading VR companies.  Enzen Global is a leading energy, water and environmental solutions firm.  Dave Francis, Virtalis’ head of client delivery, explained: “The VR Digital Twin connects an organisation’s asset information into a virtual representation of reality.  This allows for decisions relating to the design, assessment of site risks, construction, commissioning, handover, operation, maintaining, repairing, modifying, and decommissioning of physical and infrastructure assets to be made remotely.  Benefits flow to operational efficiency, staff competency and development, as well as the cost of construction, maintenance and safety – key when the industry is becoming increasingly more focused on TOTEX expenditure”

Virtalis Visionary Render and GeoVisionary software take pre-existing CAD and geological data, transform it into an immersive 3D VR environment and, by setting the data in its landscape, integrate it into the terrain.  Pipes, cables, power stations or water treatment plants sited within their actual terrain can be experienced in 3D, in real-time at 1:1 scale, fully reviewed with the impact on the landscape assessed.  Teams can then collaborate in this virtual world, improving communication, increasing understanding and diminishing project development times.

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