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Virtalis to Create Software Knowledge Base and Forum

Virtalis to Create Software Knowledge Base and Forum

Two new recruits, Andrew Ring and Nick Hayden, have successfully managed to combine their hobbies with their professional lives in their new roles with Virtual Reality (VR) company, Virtalis.

Nick explained: “My interest in computing and software began at a tender age, so I am delighted to be a member of the Virtalis Delivery Support Team and working with an HTC Vive on my desk!”

Andrew has a similar tale to tell and joins Virtalis in a Delivery Support Team role with an impressive track record in Quality Assurance. He is currently creating “How To” videos for Virtalis’ new software, VR4CAD, the baby brother of Virtalis’ market-leading Visionary Render.

“I am developing Virtalis’ own Knowledge Base and Forum for all our main software,” said Nick, “including all the importers and all external hardware.  This will be hosted on our website.  I’m aiming to become the Virtalis platform hardware expert.”

“Between us, we represent a significant boost to Virtalis’ IT support”, commented Andrew.  “We won’t just be responding to cases quicker and resolving them, we’ll also be educating our customers about our display system and VR software capability.”

*Image shows Andrew Ring(L) and Nick Hayden (R)

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