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Virtalis Hires a Lead Developer for its Development Team

Virtalis Hires a Lead Developer for its Development Team

Virtalis has made a senior appointment to its world renowned Virtual Reality (VR) Development Team.  Kim Bale has been appointed as a lead developer.  Bringing extensive advanced visualisation experience, Kim was part of a team that digitally modelled Mount Rushmore, the Sydney Opera House and the Eastern Qing Tombs.  He has also helped to create 3D, haptically enabled head and neck visualisation software.  The NHS is using this software to help teach the interior anatomy of the head and neck to medical students.

Kim is working on Virtalis’ new VR software, Visionary Render, prior to its expected launch this summer.  “Almost the whole Dev Team is working on this project”, said Bale, “but I am focussing on adding tools and functions, such as the Dynamic Sections Tool.  Looking forward, my role will broaden to supervising juniors and researching new products.”

Kim, who is originally from Peterborough, is getting to know Manchester by settling in the city centre.  Andrew Connell, Virtalis’ technical director, commented: “Very few people come to us with any VR experience, so it is exciting to welcome someone not only with so much raw talent, but so much knowledge too”.

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