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Kibo Huts- Part 4

Kibo Huts- Part 4

Another early start sees us hiking through the moorlands and into the bleak alpine desert towards the Kibo huts at 4,703m. Whilst the gradient is still relatively easy, the reduction in oxygen levels is noticeable.  More “Pole Pole” hiking leads us up the mountain, passing Mawenzi on the way to the Kibo Huts.  By early afternoon, we are sitting around drinking coffee as the clouds and wind roll in.  With Laura and Dan feeling the initial effects of altitude sickness, we weren’t holding too much hope that they would make the final climb.  The rest of us remain in high spirits.

Trying to get any rest in the Kibo huts is hard.  With 12 of us crammed in a small space, coupled with the annoying torch wars and frequent toilet trips in a howling gale which blew the door open repeatedly, meant we weren’t exactly fully rested when the midnight wakeup call came…

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