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The First View of Kilimanjaro- Part 3

The First View of Kilimanjaro- Part 3

After a short breakfast and camelback refill, we head off, leaving the forest behind and trekking into the moorland towards our next goal: the Horombo Huts at 3,720m.  Out of the trees, we are treated to our first really clear view of Kilimanjaro and what a sight it is!  Rising majestically up from the hills, it towers over all but the nearby peak of Mount Mawenzi – spectacular in its own right.  “Pole Pole” is the second mantra we walk by – “meaning Slow Slow in Swahili”. Going fast increases the chance of altitude sickness as your body doesn’t have time to adapt.  However, what’s the rush – it’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining the air is clean and hike is good.  Once at Horombo, we once again head higher up before returning to our huts. Spirits are still up and everyone is smiling.

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