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The View from Kilimanjaro- Part 1

The View from Kilimanjaro- Part 1

by Tim Goodwin- Lead Modeller Virtalis

Just had a few days in Mombassa relaxing for the rigours ahead.  We set off early (5 a.m.) on the initial leg of our journey. What we hoped would be a pleasant drive through the Kenyan countryside though turns out to be a wretched bone shaking ride on a crumbling, pothole ridden highway, where road markings are merely a suggestion of direction.  The injudicious use of pathways for both over and under taking in either direction makes for an entertaining drive!  It soon becomes apparent that this is the main highway, because then we reach the really bumpy dirt tracks…

After the shaking has finally subsided, we make our way through the Kenyan/Tanzanian border and are handed over to the Tanzanian side of the operation.  One can’t help but feel that one is participating in a kidnap/ransom deal…

A few hours later, we are chilling with some beers in Moshi and are granted our first view of Kilimanjaro…… and that’s when I started to realise just how big this mountain is.

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